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Cedar Citrus Soap

Cedar Citrus Soap

Reveal your beauty with our amazing soap. Cedar and orange zest is blended together for the most sinful and clean smelling soap. We carefully package this soap with a recycled paperboard box and 100% plant-based ingredients. This soap is truly a bowl of refreshment when you’re feeling drab.


Cedar, the word for the aromatic wood of a coniferous tree, comes from the Greek word kedros, meaning ‘berries of the wood.’ The tree was used to mark boundaries and was also one of the most sacred trees among the ancient Greeks and Romans. 


    After use, place soap in dry area (soap dish/rack) to prolong life of soap.


    Saponified oils of (olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil), shea butter, fragrance, orange zest 


    Each bar is special and unique. They may slightly vary in size and appearance since they are handmade and handcut. 

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