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Sisal Soap Bag

Sisal Soap Bag

Extend the life of your soaps! This handy little bag helps get the most out of your soap bars by working up a luxurious, long-lasting lather without wearing your bars down too quickly. 

The texture of the sisal also has an amazing exfoliating effect (and helps prevent the bar from slipping out of your hands). You can use it directly on your skin with a soap bar. Whether you’re looking for suds or exfoliation, you’re sure to have a relaxing cleansing experience. 

Running low on your soap stash? Don’t throw those pieces away just yet! This soap bag enables you to use up your bars until every last bit is gone. Simply place the bits and pieces in the bag and lather it up until it runs out.

  • CARE

    After you’re done in the shower, rinse your bag and simply hang it from the faucet or a hook to fully dry. Remove your soap bar and rinse the bag before hanging to prolong the life of the bag and the soap bar. Machine washable.

    Sanitize your bag by boiling frequently (1x per week) to avoid any buildup or bacteria. Replace after 4-6 months depending on use.

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